The Hysteria Triptych

Encased in glass cubes, three women attempt alchemy as water rises. In The Hysteria Triptych, 3 “hysterical” women try to transform their female bodies into something other than: object of desire. mother. property.

The play-a-poem in three parts, explores the consequences and costs of having a female body and the ways in which the “female condition” of hysteria has punished, controlled and oppressed those who throw stones at the glass case.



  • Cast: Jacqueline Van de Geer, Kathleen Stavert, Patrick Abellard, Dayane Ntibarikure 
  • Playwright: Erin Lindsay
  • Director: Cristina Cugliandro
  • Set and costume: Diana Uribe
  • Sound: Joel Gorrie, Zachari Smith
  • Lighting: Jody Burkholder
  • Stage management: Heather Ellen Strain, Claire Bourdin
  • Videography: Andrew Andreoli