Lysistrata or the Death Machine – In Development

Caught in a fascist regime that dominates food production, a visionary woman is joined by the God of Fate, and two of her past selves at the dilapidated site of her fallen revolution to unearth an object promising to end her pain. 

Lysistrata or The Death Machine is a story that explores cycles of war and violence as they relate to gender and power, the beauty of solidarity in healing, and what it means to survive and be accountable to yourself and others in systems of oppression and scarcity. A play by Erin Lindsay.

What grows on barren ground, if the soil never turns? – Lysistrata

Inspired by Aristophanes’ Ancient Greek play Lysistrata. Lysistrata’s development is supported by Imago Theatre and Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal. Stay tuned for more information.


Description of poems and song: themes of systemic oppression, power and accountability are present in Erin’s new play. These themes are also present in the following song and poems.

These selected poems pulled from Erin’s Instagram poetry account @crowlake. Thinking in interdisciplinary ways, through poetry and music, helps her to continue working on the piece.


Cursed, a song co-written with Zachari Smith, Acre Alley Studios, that explores the intergenerational curse that is an inheritance of corruption and one’s one part in the impact power and systemic oppression have on the people and the environment.