Elsewhere chosen for the Playwrights Guild of Canada SureFire 2022!

Elsewhere – Ready to Tour

A crisis isn’t a crisis when it is Elsewhere

Elsewhere, written by a young Venezuelan-Canadian woman, is the story of six people’s lives — their hope, resilience, resistance and survival — amidst the chaos and absurdity of the Venezuelan crisis.

A Grandmother reflects on her past, a Beauty Queen wonders how to feed her children, a Cop questions the violence around him, a Homeless Man begs God for food, a Teenager risks his life to join the fight for freedom, and a Venezuelan-Canadian woman looks on from afar, struggling with what is happening in a country she calls home.

All seek a way to move forward, grasping at remnants of a life they once knew; a life irrevocably changed by scarcity, greed and corruption. The play points at the fragility of systems we put our trust in, while asking us to consider why a crisis is never a crisis when it is Elsewhere.

An Odd Stumble production in association with Imago Theatre. Script developed in collaboration with Playwrights Workshop Montréal


Elsewhere is ready to tour!

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Elsewhere is designed to visit theatres, festivals and community centres. 


  • Co-creator, Writer and Performance: Joy Ross-Jones
  • Co-creator and Director: Cristina Cugliandro
  • Set and Costume: Liv Wright
  • Lighting: Amber Hood
  • Sound: Zachary Smith, Joel Gorrie, René Orea
  • Technical Director: Danna-Rae Evasiuk
  • Photography: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin


This project was supported by The Cole Foundation, The Canada Council for the Arts, and Playwrights Workshop Montreal.