Dates: May 2018
Venue: Rialto Studio
Social Media: Facebook

Encased in glass cubes, three women attempt alchemy as water rises. In The Hysteria Triptych, 3 “hysterical” women try to transform their female bodies into something other than: object of desire. mother. property.

The play-a poem in three parts- explores the consequences and costs of having a female body and the ways in which the “female condition” of hysteria has punished, controlled and oppressed those who throw stones at the glass case.

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Past shows: May 22, 23, 24, 27, 7PM – May 26, 27, 2PM, 2018


Jacqueline van de Geer – Cast
Kathleen Stavert – Cast
Patrick Abellard – Cast
Dayane Ntibarikure – Cast

Erin Lindsay – Playwright
Cristina Cugliandro – Director
Diana Uribe
– Set & Costume Designer
Joel Gorrie & Zachari Smith – Sound Design
Jody Burkholder – Lighting Design
HeatherEllen Strain & Claire Bourdin – Stage Management


Photo credits: Louise Verdone