Cursed is written by Erin Lindsay. Set on a commune in North America during war and several environmental disasters. Forest fires are ongoing. A Canadian woman-Lys-starts a revolution whereby women refuse sex to put an end to patriarchy, sexual assault, and violence against women. The revolution becomes widespread and women all over the world join Lys’ mission.

The revolution grows to become a cry for matriarchy in all parts of civic life. Millions join the ranks and the movement becomes international. After death threats and mass murders, the group moves to a remote maximum security commune. The isolation and the constant threat of forest fires takes its toll on Lys who ideologies become increasingly rigid and militant.

A reimagining inspired by Aristophanes’ Ancient Greek play Lysistrata. Odd Stumble is excited to be part of Cursed’s development in association with Imago Theatre. Stay tuned for more information in the 2019/2020 season.