Joy Ross-Jones is a Venezuelan-Canadian performer and theatre educator. She studied theatre at McGill and Concordia, where she currently pursues a masters in art education with a focus on theatre for empowerment. Since 2013, Joy has worked at Imago Theatre, where she co-created Artista, a free theatre mentorship program for young women in need. Joy is thankful to the Cole Foundation for offering this platform to create work about the urgent situation in Venezuela, to the group of mentors that informed the script and the production, the incredible team of artist collaborators who have made this first incarnation of Elsewhere possible, and her parents who supported, challenged, and informed her every step of the way.


Elsewhere, If we Were Birds, Random, Have we Forgotten Yet, Pig Girl, Her Side of the Story, ARTISTA, The Importance of being Earnest, The Caretaker, Attempts on her Life, The Explorer, The Refugee Hotel, 33 Variations, Goddamn Bear